Remote Support

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Live Remote Assistance
Do you need a quick solution to a technical problem? With our live remote-assistance tool, a member of our support team can view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard to get you on your way to a solution.

How to Get Support
A member of our support team will talk with you first to determine the nature of the problem.

How It Works
Step 1: Once you are on the phone with a member of our support team, you will be directed back to this page after your support representative provides you with a unique connection code. You will then enter the code in the field and click the button to initiate the screen-sharing session.
Step 2: You are prompted to download a small virus-free application.
Step 3: With your permission, your support representative can view your screen and share control of your mouse and keyboard.
Step 4: You are in full control of your computer at all times. You always have overriding control of your mouse and keyboard, and you can end the screen-sharing session at any time.

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