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Business in a Box

Simplify communication, technology, and data protection for your business with In-Telecom Business in a Box. Get the protection your small business needs, with a single provider, at an affordable rate!

No Need to Juggle Vendors

Whether you’re business is just starting out, or you have a small team (up to 8 users) and simply want to improve communication and security, Business in a Box is the solution for you!

Instead of dealing with multiple vendors for managed IT support, cybersecurity, and phone service, In-Telecom’s Business in a Box covers it all, simplifying your technology vendor stack.

Simplified Operations

No more juggling between different IT, cybersecurity, and communication services vendors. Everything you need is now conveniently housed under one roof.

End-to-End Security

Your data is your lifeline, and with ITC Business in a Box, you can rest easy knowing that your network and devices are fortified against cyber threats.

Effortless Communication

Enjoy a seamless communication experience with integrated services like Teams Environment, Office 365, and In-Telecom Cloud phone systems.

Reduce Operating Expenses & Save Time

Say goodbye to the complexities of managing multiple systems and vendors. This integrated solution not only saves time but also streamlines costs.

Dedicated Support and Onboarding

Our onboarding plan ensures a smooth transition to our new, streamlined solution. Plus, you'll have a single point of contact for all your IT and communication needs.

Scale Your Infrastructure As Your Business Grows

As your business grows, so does the solution. Quickly scale up or add new features without the headache of coordinating between different vendors.


Managed IT Services & Support

Communication Essentials

Streamline communication with Microsoft Teams, Office 365 for enhanced productivity and document management, and email archiving.

Operations Infrastructure

Safeguard your critical data with scheduled offsite backups, secure network infrastructure setup, and simplify file sharing.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Protect your employees and your customers with enhanced email security, 24/7 management and support, and automated patching and updates.

Proactive Defense

Protect your business from viruses and ransomware with endpoint protection, inventory tracking, and vulnerability scanning.

Advanced Security

Our 24/7 SOC provides monitoring and response to threats, plus multifactor authentication, employee training and EDR help maintain security.

Essential Hardware

Optimize your network infrastructure and hardware with a managed router, managed switch, and wireless access point.

Onboarding includes 16 hours of dedicated service. Any unforeseen issues may result in additional fees.  This does not include any email migrations, server moves, etc.


In-Telecom Cloud Complete

Communicate Your Way

With ITC Cloud Complete, you'll get access to our mobile and web apps, fax to email, text messaging, chat with presence and more.

Enhanced Collaboration

Simplify the way your team communicates with conferencing, click to dial, screen popping, call recording, and other essential features.

Video Conferencing

Take your meetings with you with high-quality video conferencing for up to 25 participants.

Communication Hardware

Get your team connected with a dedicated cloud fax with fax line and dedicated business phone number.

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