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Safeguards Compliance for Dealerships

Maintain compliance with the FTC’s Safeguards Rule with a dedicated compliance policy platform & cybersecurity service to protect your business.


Protect Your Dealership & Your Customers

Dealerships are among the most vulnerable businesses in the country when it comes to cyber-attacks. And according to business leaders, 68% feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing.

To help combat these growing threats the Federal Trade Commission has released specific guidelines that dealerships must follow to protect their client’s information. 


The Cybersecurity Tools You Need To Protect Your Customer Data

Dedicated Compliance Platform

Our dedicated compliance platform makes the compliance journey simple. Quickly generate policies & procedures, audit your vendors, and secure client data.

Automated Patch Management

Ensure your devices and applications are always up to date with the latest stable versions to prevent issues and reduce vulnerabilities.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Monitor network activity to detect and prevent cyber threats before they become a problem. Know your business is protected with proactive threat detection.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect your devices from unauthorized access, password attacks, and phishing scams with MFA and reduce the chances of data breaches.

Active Vulnerability Management

Proactively monitor your network devices for all known and emerging vulnerabilities and get instant alerts of potential issues

Active Phishing Simulations

Find out what percentage of your employees are prone to phishing attacks, and provide training to those who fail the test.

Security Awareness Training

Keep your team updated on the latest threats, best practices, and common mistakes that lead to data breaches.

Annual Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in your networks by simulating real-world attacks. Then, remedy weaknesses before hackers exploit them.


Your Dedicated Compliance Platform

Perform Risk Assessments

Get a complete understanding of your risk of data exposure and identify specific vulnerabilities that need to be fixed,

Create Policies & Procedures

Get instant access to the policies and procedures you need to achieve and maintain compliance, and remedy items discovered in your assessments.

Assess Vendor Vulnerabilities

Make sure your vendors are following the necessary policies and procedures to keep their data secure to protect your business.

ITC Safeguards Compliance

The Complete Safeguards Compliance Platform & Toolkit to Protect Your Dealership

From $35 Per User/Month
Dedicated Compliance Platform
Automated Patching & Updates
Endpoint Detection & Response
Multi-Factor Authentication
Vulnerability Scanning
Phishing Simulation
Security Awareness Training
Annual Penetration Test (up to 50 users)
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