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ITC Training Videos

Holiday How To


How to Setup a New User


How to Assign a Time Frame to a DID (Phone Number)
How to Setup a Call Queue


How to Setup an Auto Attendant


How to Setup a Conference Call


Answering Rules Tab


How to Access Call Recordings


Timeframes Quick Overview


How to Set Your Phone to Ring to Cell Phone


Video Call Tutorial


How to Send an SMS Message


How to Setup Voicemail Transcription


How to Block a Call


How to Add Buttons to the Phone


How to Setup Answering Rules


How to Setup Voicemail to Email


How to plug in from home


How to Make a Transfer


ITC Cloud- How to Make a Call


How to Download ITC Mobile App


How to Setup Google Chrome ITC Cloud Extension
Call History Tab


Music on Hold Tab


Phones Tab


Time Frames Tab


Contacts Tab


Messages- Settings tab


Messages- Chat tab


Messages- Voicemail tab


The ITC Cloud Manager Portal


ITC Cloud New On-boarding Training


Yealink Training Videos

T46S Voicemail


T46S Call Transfer


T46S Conference Calling


T46S Call Forwarding


T46S Bluetooth


T46S Busy Lamp Field BLF


T46S Overview


Avaya Training Videos

AVAYA J169- How to Transfer a Call


AVAYA J 169- How to Park a Call & Park Retrieve


AVAYA J169- How to Make a Call


AVAYA J169 Pre Programmed Buttons


AVAYA J169- Full Feature Overview and How to use


Xima Training Videos

Xima Chronicall Training (8/16/2018)


Xima Chronicall Training (9/11/2018)


Xima Chronicall Training (9/19/2018)


Chronicall Agent Dashboards Overview


Chronicall Realtime Overview


Chronicall VRTX Recording Library Overview


Chronicall Custom Reports Overview


Chronicall Standard Reports Demonstration