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Video Surveillance for Businesses

Rethink the way you view business security with intelligent cloud based video surveillance with full analytics and operational insights.

Intelligent Cloud Video Surveillance & Analytics

Discover the effortless and adaptable power of intelligent video surveillance for guarding your structures, information, and employees. With a single experience for accessing real-time anomaly detection, proactive notifications, and ingenious search capabilities, proactively secure your entire facility, including on-premises cameras, and direct cloud-connected devices. 

Uniting the tools and systems you already use becomes effortless with a smooth transition to cloud video surveillance solution, bringing lowered operation costs and amplified flexibility. Experience peace of mind without compromises.


A Proactive Approach to Surveillance

Rethinking video surveillance means taking advantage of the devices you already have, reducing expenses and implementing security methods that let you take a proactive approach to business security.

With cloud based video surveillance, you can take a proactive stance to security and optimize operations.

  • 30-50% Yearly Operational Savings through the cloud
  • 90% less time spent on security investigations
  • 10x Increase in security operator efficiency

The Complete System for Enhanced Security

With our cloud based video surveillance systems, you get access to the features you need to enhance and secure your business. Add new cameras or integrate your existing hardware to give them added functionality.

Cost Efficient

Lower equipment and maintenance costs by moving to the cloud.

Quick & Easy Searching

Find footage and investigate incidents quickly & easily.

Remote Data Storage

No need for on-premises servers, get redundant storage in the cloud.

Powerful Analytics

Get AI-powered, real-time analytics about your facilities.

Manage Remotely

Manage and monitor your entire security network remotely.

High Quality Video

Get full HD video and high quality audio from all of your cameras.

Active Threat Detection

Get instant alerts with active threat detection when events occur.

Open Integrations

Integrate your existing hardware and 3rd party tools with open integration.

Easy Camera Deployment

Deploy cameras quickly and easily connect them to your system.


AI-Powered Cloud Security Cameras

From AI-powered dome cameras to wireless flex cameras that can be placed anywhere, we’ve got the right camera for every situation.

Our intelligent, AI-powered camera solutions give you the tools you need to maximize your security footprint and make intelligent decisions around business security.

  • Cloud Connected Dome Cameras
  • 360 Degree Panoramic IR Cameras
  • High-Powered Bullet Cameras
  • Quad Cam Full Coverage Cameras
  • Flex Placement Wireless Cameras

Built in AI Video & Audio Analytics

Easy to Install, Use & Maintain

Cloud-Native Deployment


Your Complete Security System

Enhance your video surveillance system and increase security with our cloud management suite, addons, and integrations.

Cloud Management & Storage

Say good-bye to expensive servers, complicated deployments, and clunky interfaces. Get redundant storage and real-time insights in the cloud.

Powerful Sensors

Connect your surveillance system to powerful tech sensors to provide remote monitoring, increased visibility, and real-time alerts to issues in your facilities.

License Plate Recognition

Extend our powerful license plate recognition solution to your existing security cameras, increase situational awareness in your facilities, and increase operational efficiency.

3rd Party Integrations

Unlock advanced features and increased flexibility with our suite of 3rd party integrations. Connect with your access control systems and more quickly & easily.

Ready to Crush Your Business Challenges?

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