10 Advantages of Having a VoIP Phone System

‍VoIP or voice over internet protocol is a type of communication technology that allows users to make and receive calls using a broadband internet connection instead of a traditional telephone line. VoIP phones are not only more cost-effective than traditional phones, but they also allow you to use more than one phone number from a single device, which can be very useful if you have multiple locations and employees. VoIP phones are also easy to set up and use, and they are usually much less expensive than traditional phones. In this article, we explore the main advantages of VoIP phones and IP telephony for your business.

Here is our list of 10 advantages of VoIP phones.

1. Low Cost

VoIP is a low cost alternative to the traditional telephone system. As the name suggests, VoIP uses your internet/broadband connection to make and receive your telephone calls. This can dramatically reduce your businesses running costs by eliminating the need for lots of individual telephone lines.

2. Higher Call Quality

Because VoIP uses your internet connection, it offers higher call quality when compared to alternatives. A VoIP telephone system offers its users HD voice using internet connectivity, with incredible clarity and crisp audio – especially with our new VoIP phones.

3. Flexibility

Another advantage of VoIP is that it is incredibly flexible. VoIP can be manipulated around your businesses exact requirements – tailored to you. This flexibility means that it is easy to build a VoIP telephone system that meets your businesses telephony needs. The only limit is your bandwidth – meaning that you can theoretically add thousands of users.

4. Reliable

VoIP telephone systems are very reliable. VoIP has been developed over many years, with applications such as Skype & FaceTime leading the innovation. VoIP has been adopted by many businesses across the world and is constantly advancing – making it one of the most reliable telephony technologies.

5. Easily Scalable

An advantage to VoIP is its scalability. Because VoIP telephone systems use the internet for calls, adding new users is easy. You don’t need to provision new lines, you can just add phones and licences if required. The advantage of this being that VoIP can scale to meet you current and future requirements.‍

6. Portability

Portability is key for many businesses. One advantage to a VoIP telephone system is that it enables businesses to be as mobile and as portable as possible. By using a VoIP network – you can enable mobile users, as well as desk-based users to connect to your telephone system.

The portability advantage of VoIP is ideal for businesses who have on-the-road employees, or who have home workers – as they can connect directly to your VoIP telephone system using your VoIP network.

7. Future Proofing

Another advantage of VoIP is the future-proofing that it gives to your business. Old technologies are being faded out – including ISDN. By replacing your businesses telephone system with a VoIP phone system, you can be sure that your telephony is modern and doesn’t risk becoming redundant.

This future-proofing also safeguards your businesses investment. When upgrading to a VoIP telephone system, you can be assured that you’re using the modern standard for telephony communication; and that your investment is protected for the foreseeable future.

8. Being Mobile

Businesses are increasingly looking to be mobile – and that’s one advantage to a VoIP telephone system. VoIP can easily integrate with your smartphone or computer – meaning that you can take your VoIP telephone system with you wherever you go.

9. Modern Technologies

VoIP is the modern communication standard. It defines the modern world and communication today. One advantage of upgrading to a VoIP telephone system is that it allows your business to benefit from the best that modern communications has to offer – including a wide feature set, HD voice, video conferencing, and lower cost.

10. Prepared for the ISDN Switch Off

The final benefit we have for you is that VoIP will help your business prepare for the ISDN switch off in 2025. This ISDN switch off will impact all businesses who don’t use VoIP. Whilst this is some time away, a VoIP telephone system can help get your business prepared for the future.

VoIP allows users to make and receive phone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a traditional telephone line. Moreover, VoIP phones are more cost effective than traditional telephones and allows you to use more than one phone number from a single device.

VoIP phones are also easy to set up and use, and are usually less expensive than traditional phone lines so don’t be worried about making the switch.

If you’re interested in upgrading to VoIP, or would like to know more about how a VoIP telephone system can benefit your business, contact us. In-Telecom is ready to be your VoIP phone system provider.

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