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Get a complete VoIP phone system with advanced features to meet you business’s needs. In-Telecom is a full service technology company providing customized solutions such as VoIP Phones for businesses.

In-Telecom’s VoIP Phones For Business

VoIP has become a trendy word when talking about business VoIP phones. However, VoIP is more than just a funny-sounding acronym for voice over internet protocol. It implies a huge step forward in the advancement of modern business IP phones.

Whether you own or work in a small business, large corporation or governmental entity, In-Telecom can help steer your company toward efficiency and success. All our solutions, including our IP Phones, are customized and scaled to your specific workflow needs and your budget.

Work From Anywhere On Your VoIP Phone or Other Devices

An In-Telecom VoIP phone system simplifies your small business communications by consolidating many features into one system. One of the main benefits of cloud-based VoIP phone systems is their low cost. Calls are conducted entirely via the internet, which means businesses are only being charged for their internet use, rather than for call minutes.

Cloud phone systems offer an inexpensive phone service with major features such as multiple lines, call transferring, extensions, and voicemail.

Instead of trying to manage several different devices or software for call forwarding, call logs, conference calls, online meetings, and call screening, you can do it all with one VoIP system.

Our VoIP phone systems have the option to come with ITC Cloud, which offers HD Video meetings on computers with chat and recording options. Perfect for virtual meetings to stay connected with clients and employees. To Get Started Call 1-833-482-8647

VoIP phones

Get the feature-packed business VoIP phone you need.

Whether you need a VoIP phone and line with great features or cloud based apps to work from anywhere, we make it super simple to get up and running.

Benefits of VoIP Phones:

  • Lower costs
  • Increased accessibility
  • Complete portability
  • Higher scalability
  • Advanced features for small and large teams
  • Clearer voice quality
  • Supports multitasking
  • More flexibility with softphones

Our software, ITC Cloud offers HD Video meetings with chat and recording options in addition to our VoIP phone service making it an all-in-one VoIP solution. Perfect for virtual meetings to stay connected with clients and employees. Ready to improve your productivity?

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VoIP Phones

How Our VoIP Phones Work

As part of In-Telecom, ITC Cloud was created to provide a simple and reliable way for businesses to have a unified communications solution. We give you the ability to work from anywhere on any device (including our VoIP phones); whether it’s from your desk IP phone, cell phone, or computer in a seamless manner.

ITC Cloud is also backed by a 24/7 help desk and a company that cares about the overall efficiency of your business. We take pride in delivering the best customer experience from start to finish and beyond. We make moving to the cloud easy!

Get the job done on your Cloud-Based VoIP phone or another device.

Get a VoIP phone with great features and cloud based apps that allow you to work from anywhere. Here are a few Benefits of a Voice Over IP Phone System in the Cloud:

  • Fully-Integrated Communications System
  • Flexibility to Scale Up (and Down)
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Control Over Modes of Communication
  • Mobility and Ease of Use
  • Time Management and Efficiency

ITC Cloud makes meeting with your team, partners or customers easy as making a phone call. With our business VoIP service, you can use your smartphone or use a desktop computer to attend video conferences using our VoIP platform.

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VoIP Phones

Cloud VoIP Phones

A VoIP phone is a communication device that uses the internet instead of a traditional telephone line. Cloud-based IP phones give you greater mobility, flexibility, and connectivity.

VoIP System Key Features:

  • Easy To Install and Setup
  • Easy Scaling for Growing Businesses
  • Virtual Phone Numbers that follow you and your employees anywhere
  • Wide Availability and economical implementation
  • Simple Integration
  • Multiple VoIP Device Options
  • Seamless Set Up on existing internet connections

Frequently Asked Questions About  VoIP Phones

What is a VoIP phone?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line.

What type of phone is a VoIP phone?

It is a kind of telephone that uses IP technology to transmit calls. These types of  desk phones are also known as conference phones. It can come either in the form of specialized digital hardware or a program (running on a computer or mobile device) that performs the same functions.

Is VoIP a landline?

VoIP phones convert calls into digital signals within the phone itself. They don’t rely on the physical exchanges that landlines do. Before switching to VoIP, businesses will want to ensure their internet connection meets the requirements for VoIP service.

Is VoIP cheaper than a landline?

VoIP business phone systems can cost very little per line, depending on system technology and setup selection. The short answer: VoIP is cheaper than a landline because it uses an existing internet connection rather than requiring a separate system or additional hardware.

What is a VoIP phone service used for?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line.

VoIP Phones



Our portal is a one-of-a-kind self-manageable system. Create your own voicemail, auto attendants, call queues, and more for your VoIP phone system. Manage your phone numbers as well as used and available inventory.

voip business phones



We’ve put VoIP technology in the cloud and make switching your VoIP phones over to the cloud a breeze. 

business phone system



Need reliable VoIP phones? Being hosted in the cloud provides you with the safety and security you need with no downtime.

voip phone systems



ITC Cloud is backed by three Tier 5 data centers across the US that provide you with full fail-over so the data stored in your VoIP phones and ITC Cloud software is safe.

voip phone systems

Work Your Way


Work from anywhere on any device, including your IP phone. ITC Cloud delivers access to your office phone along with features like chat and business SMS from any device with an internet connection.

“In-Telecom is going above and beyond any expectations@ We switch to internet-based phones over a year ago, and it was a complete disaster. After a few months with a different company, we came across In-Telecom and have not looked back. They provided great service, quality phones, commercial routers, competitive pricing, and very helpful staff in every department we worked with.

– Darren Lohfink | Manager At Health Care Center

“Our partnership with In-Telecom has proved to be both beneficial and easy to work with. They assisted us in upgrading our current Avaya Aura phone system to the latest versions as well as adding SIP capabilities.”

– Ryan Mayeaux | IT Systems Analyst II, Coushatta Casino Resort

“Just wanted to give a KUDOS to the entire staff of In-telecom. Our phone system took it’s last call during the holidays and In-Telecom came to the rescure after numerous life saving measures were made to revive our old phone system.”

– Diana Sotak | Cardiology Institute

“The transition from our old telephone system to the Avaya with In-Telecom was a very easy, smooth transition. From the owners whoe are very energetic, and such a pleasure to work with, to the knowledgeable technicians.”

– Laura Van Der Kils | City of Slidell

“We were paying large monthly fees to the local telco for PRI circuits, local dial tone and DID numbers; we switched to In-Telecom and upgraded two legacy Nortel PBX’s to IP Office and converted all lines to SIP.”

– Mike Carlil | System Enginer, Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana

“Very personable employees, extremely professional install, overall great experience!”

– Pete Labarre | Owner, A Renewed Approach Healthcare

“I feel very confident we made the right decision in using In-telecom and am very excited with our new phone system”

– Kay Hicks | Union Christian Academy Adminstrator

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