Understanding The Benefits Of Access Control & Security Options

Protecting your business often requires a skilled IT team who fully understands the security demands placed on your
facility. Access control and security have become a vital way of controlling who enters and leaves your business, but must be carefully balanced to avoid complications.

Unfortunately, not many firms understand the nature of access control security or know where to find an access control company that can serve their needs. Fully understanding these security concepts will help cut back on your security risks and ensure that you operate as smoothly as possible.

What is Access Control and Security?

Your business likely has several access points throughout its structure that let customers and employees come and go. These access points include various doors and other types of entryway areas. Access control and security strive to protect your business by identifying problematic people outside your business and denying them entry. This unique security option focuses on these entry areas and also expands operation to include other areas throughout your facility.

Typically, this method starts by assessing your access points and gauging any weaknesses that may exist. Often, these weaknesses center around weak video surveillance, potentially hard-to-track doors, problems with your locks, and much more. Once an assessment has been made, a myriad of access control and security services can ensure that you are protected from long-term complications.

Typically, an access control company integrates various types of hardware and software to enhance your overall
protection. Then, they gauge factors like human error, potential complications with other kinds of software, and the hardware dangers that may affect your security. In this way, they can create comprehensive solutions needed to prevent long-term issues with your security.

Access Control and Security Solutions

When working with an access control company, you can get many solutions that help to make your business safer. These access control and security services are designed to ensure that you know who is coming and going from your business at all times without fail.

These methods are just a few ways of ensuring access control and security in your building. A few other concepts may be available for some companies, depending on your needs. Make sure to read through these options and choose ones that seem to fit your needs the best.

High-Quality Cameras

Most access control security starts by placing high-definition cameras throughout various areas near your entryways. These cameras include a broad range of resolutions (7K/30 MP) that make it easier for you to spot problematic individuals and ensure that they don’t affect you.

When positioned adequately throughout your facility, these cameras provide access control and security by allowing you to track every entryway at the same time. As a result, you should have no difficulty keeping your firm safe and avoiding long-term problems as a result.

Self-Learning Capabilities

The best access control security programs utilize complex AI programs to teach themselves how to spot potential problems with more efficiency. This method uses a database that draws upon past alerts and matches them with potential concerns within your video field. As a result, you won’t get nearly as many false alarms.

For example, if a nearby colony of squirrels repeatedly triggers your security system, it will use this self-learning technique to know when a movement is similar to that of these squirrels. And the system will choose the proper alert, if any is necessary, based on the severity of the problem from its last interaction with it.

Stream Management Help

Video streams are essential for your security because they track your video feeds and ensure that they are up to date and easy to follow. The best access control and security teams will integrate a myriad of stream management assistance into your facility to enhance your security efficiency.

For instance, they’ll gauge your bandwidth requirements and try to adjust your stream to enhance your resolution without cutting into your overall bandwidth usage. These steps require a lot of careful balancing but ensure that your video feeds retain a high-quality definition.

Video Analytics

This unique security method uses various upgrades to help track objects within your video feed with minimal difficulty. Enhanced video analytics help to boost movement classification, enhance facial recognition, and create the kind of long-term security that you need to gauge risks.

For instance, improved analytics can make it easier for your video system to evaluate movement types and alert you when they are problematic. This process includes gauging whether the movement is an animal or a person and giving you an insight into what kind of threat they may pose.

Thermal Readings

While video security helps your access control and security, thermal readings help to enhance your security further by expanding beyond the visible spectrum. For example, thermal units will track high temperatures and make it easier to find the body-heat signature of people or animals near your facility.

In this way, your camera system can spot people in complete darkness and make it easier for you to track their
movements. This benefit is critical if your facility is poorly lit or has areas around it that are blocked or hard to see with your camera equipment.

Protect Yourself and Your Business

To many businesses, access control and security seem like a simple matter. Some may believe that they can DIY their way to this essential protection and get quality results. If only that were the case! Proper balance is needed to ensure total success, and access control and security services help enhance your security and safety by ensuring everything runs smoothly for you.

Contact In-Telecom for all your access control security needs. We’ll provide all the services outlined above and much more, tweaking your overall cybersecurity in a variety of ways. We keep our clients safe and prevent any operational dangers.