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Business Phone Systems For Baton Rouge

We’re leading the way forward in Cloud Business Phone Systems. In-Telecom is a full service technology company providing business phone systems for local businesses in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


In-Telecom’s Business Phones

Whether you own or work in a small business, large corporation, or governmental entity in Baton Rouge, In-Telecom can help steer your company toward efficiency and success. All our solutions, including our business phone systems, are customized and scaled to your specific workflow needs and your company’s budget.

Feature-packed business phone systems that increases productivity

Whether you need a business phone and line with great features, multiple phone lines, or cloud based apps that allow you to work from anywhere, we make it super simple to get up and running.

Our business communication software, ITC Cloud, offers HD Video meetings with chat and recording options in addition to our VoIP phone service. Perfect for virtual meetings to stay connected with clients and employees. Ready to improve your productivity?


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An In-Telecom business phone system simplifies your small business communications by consolidating many features into one system.

Instead of trying to manage several different devices or software for call forwarding, call logs, conference calls, online meetings, and call screening, you can do it all with one system.

Our business phone systems have the option to come with ITC Cloud, which offers HD Video meetings on computers with chat and recording options. Perfect for virtual meetings to stay connected with clients and employees.

The Cloud Phone System Your Company Needs To Succeed.

As part of the In-Telecom business phone system, ITC Cloud was created to provide a simple and reliable way for businesses to have a unified communications solution. We give you the ability to work from anywhere on any device, using any business phone line; whether it’s from your business phone, cell phone, or computer in a seamless manner.

ITC Cloud is also backed by a 24/7 help desk and a company that cares about the overall efficiency of your business. We take pride in delivering the best customer experience from start to finish and beyond. We make moving to the cloud easy!

Reliable Business Phone Systems For Baton Rouge

  • Improved internal and external communication
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Greater scalability and flexibility
  • Time and money savings
  • Business-grade security and privacy

ITC Cloud makes switching between a VoIP phone, computer, and smartphone easy for the even the least tech savvy employees. Working from home has never been this simple and effortless! Simply bring your VoIP phone home and plug it into your router or use your smartphone or computer and access everything in the Cloud!

Serve Your Customers Better With
Call Center Reporting

While chatbots and AI bots seem like the future of customer service, many customers still like to speak to a real person to solve their problems. With ITC Cloud you can make sure your call center is operating efficiently with insightful reporting tools.

Trend Reports

Track when the most calls come in during the day, so call center managers can schedule the right amount of customer service agents to be available. By carefully monitoring peak hours, you can save on costs by staffing appropriately.

Average Talk & Hold Times

It’s a good practice to keep talk-time and hold-time low for the sake of the customer, but managers can also use these numbers to evaluate the training of the customer service representatives. 

If they take too long to answer a question or keep putting the customer on hold, they may need more training.

Increase Your Productivity

Even if you don’t run a call center, these reports can help determine the length of your own phone calls to see if you’re using your time well. 

Sometimes yourself or a teammate may feel like they don’t take phone calls all daylong, but the reporting shows they spend half the work day or more chatting on the phone.

In-Telecom Business Phone Systems & Solutions

In-Telecom offers a full spectrum of solutions, unparalleled customer service and quality workmanship for Baton Rouge’s businesses. We strive to earn your business before and after the sale and to ensure there is no question why you chose us to handle all your business phone system and technology needs. At In-Telecom, we firmly believe your success is our success! Let us show you why In-Telecom should be your technology partner for life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud-Based Phone Systems