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Employees: The Greatest Cybersecurity Threat to Your Business

Join In-Telecom and Phin Security to learn more about the biggest cybersecurity threat to your business and how leading companies are protecting their businesses and educating their employees.

Cybersecurity risks are an always-evolving threat to modern businesses. From viruses and ransomware to phishing emails and scam calls, bad actors are using more and more tricks to get your data and money from your wallet. What’s the one common factor in most cyber attacks and the last line of defense for your business? Employees.

This webinar will discuss the constantly changing threat landscape, how untrained employees present a significant business risk, and how to protect and educate your organization.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The current threat landscape facing businesses
  • Emerging threats that are changing the way we think
  • How top organizations are educating their employees
  • The right and wrong ways to change employee behavior
  • How to build a culture of security with Security Awareness Training


Shawn Torres

Chief Executive Officer


Shane Scorzelli

Account Executive

Phin Security