Employee Spotlight: James Estopinal

Meet James Estopinal, the Director of Voice at In-Telecom. James plays an essential role in developing and maintaining our telecommunications solutions and has committed himself to innovation, delivering the best possible product to our clients.

James started his career with a passion for learning and earned certifications on telecom platforms like Nortel, NEC, Mitel, Avaya, and Broadsoft. Since then, he’s used his expertise to develop ITC Cloud and identify new opportunities to provide better communication options.

What inspired you to join the ITC team?

The crazy part is that it was by luck. I was employed by someone else and just submitted my resume. I spoke with Shawn Torres, and he was very persuasive. It sounded great. It was off a whim, and 10 years later, I am still here.

What have been some of the most important lessons you’ve learned throughout your career?

Continue to challenge yourself; Never be content; Push yourself out of your comfort zone.  This will make you better.

What would your perfect weekend look like?

My perfect weekend would be spent sitting down watching football with family, looking forward to things to come. Ironically, my wife does not like football. I am a Saints fan—who Dat?

What’s something that you have always wanted to try or learn?

I’ve always liked to work on cars so I would love to learn how to rebuild a car. That would be awesome.

Tell us about a favorite memory from childhood?

Playing sports is a good memory for me. When I was younger, I played travel football. It was fun to be with friends and travel.

We are all aware that your brother, Rob, works for ITC, and you both are invaluable to the organization. Who would you say is the most stubborn of the two of you? Why?

I would say it’s me because sometimes I must convince myself that it’s the right way to do it. I need the proof in the pudding.  I need to make sure it will work. Rob can be stubborn too, but I think he will say it’s me that’s more stubborn…lol!

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