Peter Labarre
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Peter Labarre

Owner, A Renewed Approach Healthcare

Let me start by saying that I am not the type of person to complete reviews on companys /products, but truly fell it is necessary in this case.

Before meeting you I will admit that I was going to attempt to secure and install my own phone system online to see if I can save some money, however after meeting with you I knew I wanted to go with you and support you as a local business owner.

It was a pleasure to work with Glenie in house to get everything set up. She is very personal and returned any calls/e-mails in very timely manor.

Day of install, Joseph was prompt, courteous to myself and staff and at no point did we question if he knew what he was doing. I am a bit of an OCD person when it comes to wires so i knew once the install was complete if I did not like the way the system was arranged on the wall, I would be reorganizing. Must say in case was very satisfied in the placement and organization of the system on the wall. All wires neatly organize. A very professional install.

With that said, once again thanks to you and your staff for the timely turn a round and professional experience. 

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