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access control


Now more than ever, preserving the security to your facility is essential. In the past, door locks and alarm systems were the only options to keep your property safe. Once employees, maintenance and janitorial staff were given keys, everyone had 24/7 access to the building. Whenever keys were lost, the business owner had to bear the cost of rekeying the locks.

Access control is an efficient and affordable alternative to secure your facility. With an access control system, you can prevent unauthorized visitors, manage your employee’s access and restrict access to certain areas of your property. Access control systems can be tailored to your business needs for performance, flexibility, and cost. You can determine the security level based on the right balance between safety and convenience for you and your employees.

With access control security, you will know who enters your business, when they entered, and what door they used. Using the report interface, you will be provided with detailed records and reports of all activity within your facility. In addition, you can designate secured areas and make those available only to authorized employees.

At In-Telecom, we specialize in securing your facility with state-of-the-art security solutions. Our integrated products, systems and services produce measurable results and reduced risk. Our access control management solutions allow you to monitor all activity through your smartphone, meaning you or your team can instantly be notified of any suspicious activity and put your building on lockdown with the single press of a button.

Our featured product lines, Avigilon Access Control and Paxton Access, offer flexibility and performance, ease of use, and access control options that can be customized to fit the needs of your business.


  • TIME/DAY RESTRICTIONS – Allow or restrict access to your employees, facility maintenance, or janitorial crew to create a secure environment.
  • EVENT NOTIFICATION – You will receive a text or email notification for events such as an invalid credential attempt.
  • ENHANCED EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT - You can easily deploy or delete employee access, including auto-generating access based on employee title or department.
  • AUDIT TRAIL – You will have a record of every door opened, helping you to resolve time and attendance disputes.
  • LOST BADGES – You can easily remove access by deactivating the I.D. badge or other security credentials.
  • LOCKDOWN – In a state of emergency you can easily and quickly lock down your business.
  • MULTI-LOCATION ACCESS - Whether you have 1 site or 10, with access management you just need one keyless entry tool.

At In-Telecom, we offer a full spectrum of solutions, unparalleled customer service, and quality workmanship. Call us today at 1-888-470-0614 to find out more about access control services and let us show you the In-Telecom difference!

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