Analytics & Security

Analytics & Security

IN-TELECOM – keeping your business safe

In-Telecom proudly offers a wide selection of video security solutions to provide your business with the peace of mind that comes with complete protection.

Analytics and Security is a powerful management and operations tool. At In-Telecom, our advanced security analytics use Artificial Intelligence and clear and crisp visual images that help deter vandalism and crime, improve situational awareness, monitor potential threats to deter and control situation that could occur and increase overall safety.

Our video management and network-based systems provide real time information, clear image details, end to end coverage, and provide video imaging & surveillance from a centralized or remote location.

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Our most popular surveillance system, Avigilon, offers incredible advanced features that provide unparalleled image detail with unrivaled value.

Avigilon’s award-winning software, advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning capabilities along with its broad range of megapixel cameras delivers superior image quality and maximum coverage to your business. Because you will be able to replace countless lower-end cameras with one Avigilon high-definition camera, the long-term value of a superior surveillance system will positively affect your bottom-line.

The quality of your advanced security system can make the difference when capturing criminals red-handed by identifying potential threats with Artificial Intelligence. With Avigilon’s High Definition Stream Management TM technology and broad range of megapixel cameras, your business can count on high quality imaging and end to end maximum coverage.

Scalable security solutions – designed with tomorrow’s growth in mind

With Avigilon’s powerful technology and software, your security team will have the tools needed to keep your business safe. From its full range of video surveillance to its access control solutions, Avigilon’s trusted security solutions can grow with your business.

When it is time to add additional buildings, doors, or cameras, you will appreciate Avigilon’s scalable security solutions. Designed as an open platform, Avigilon’s security solutions easily integrate with your existing systems, and its video management system (VMS) works with both HD and analog cameras.


All Avigilon access control systems are 100 percent browser-based and require no software installation, delivering ready-to-deploy solutions that save you time:

Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™ software is smart, intuitive and easy to use. It gives you complete control of video playback with an intuitive easy-to-use interface so you can quickly retrieve evidence.

Avigilon Access Control Manager provides remote accessibility so that you’re never tied to a location or workstation.




No two properties or businesses are alike, which is why the In-Telecom team makes a point of getting to know your business, your property, and your budget. From setting up your system to helping you manage it, with In-Telecom, you have a partner wholly invested in your security. From lower-cost analog systems to cutting edge HDSM streaming management, In-Telecom will match you with the best possible CCTV/Security solution for your business needs.


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