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In-Telecom’s powerful management and operations tools leverage advanced security analytics and machine-learning procedures to improve the overall safety of your business. With our security solutions, including security cameras and access control, you can deter vandalism and crime, improve situational awareness, monitor potential threats, and control any potentially hazardous situation.

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Partnered with Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company, we’re able to offer a range of access control and video surveillance options. Through High Definition Stream Management™  technology and a wide selection of megapixel cameras, you benefit from high-quality imaging and end-to-end coverage. All these solutions are intuitive, easy to use, and delivered ready-to-deploy, saving you time and money.

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Camera Platforms


Available in a broad range of resolutions (up to 7K/30 MP), our camera platforms offer exceptional image quality in a variety of environments.


High-Definition Stream Management


HDSM combines superior image quality with savings in network resources. Maximum resolution with minimum bandwidth requirements!

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Relying on the NIST information security framework, we identify key business risks caused by cyber threats, protecting your data, devices, and services.

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Next-GenVideo Analytics


Increased processing power allows for advanced object tracking and classification, unusual motion detection, facial recognition, appearance search, and more.

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Self-Learning Video Analytics


Self-learning capabilities extend the efficiency of monitoring systems by reducing false positives and ensuring that every alert is meaningful.

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Thermal Technology


See beyond the visible spectrum! Detect people and objects in areas of limited visibility, suboptimal lighting, or even absolute darkness.


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