System Maintenance Services

In our current economic climate many of our customers tell us how important having a telephone system maintenance contract is when they’re budgeting for the months ahead. A telephone system maintenance contract provides peace of mind and minimizes disruption to your business while avoiding unplanned/unbudgeted expenses.

In-Telecom Consulting has years of experience working closely with clients supplying, installing and maintaining business class telephone systems. We understand that installing a new telephone system requires significant investment by a business. At just a fraction of this cost it makes sense to include a maintenance contract to protect your investment.

Even if we didn’t install your telephone system we can still provide you important maintenance coverage. In order to safeguard businesses telephone system operations, Expand offers a wide range of telephone system maintenance contract options to meet your needs. Our telephone system maintenance contracts vary depending on the level of coverage required.

We provide a wide variety of creative telephone system maintenance plans, and some of the features of these plans are:

  1. A service response commitment (2hr – 4hr – 8hr – next day)
  2. Priority service for non-maintenance activities such as moves, adds, changes
  3. A reduced hourly rate for repairs, moves, adds and change activities
  4. Equipment coverage options:
    • All Hardware + Phones
    • Only Hardware + No Phones
    • Only Core Processing and Networking Components
    • Service Plan Options: System Health Checks/Off Site Back-Ups, etc…

We can provide competitive pricing for telephone system crash kits whereby critical hardware components are purchased and left “on-site” for “just in case” needs. This is an excellent option for older telephone systems whereby parts may be hard to find and or may take a considerable amount of time to find.

Please call or contact us for a free no obligation telephone system maintenance quote.

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